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I know how this is going to sound, and I'm not going to pretend I'm not bitter, because I am, but you get that when someone you thought was your friend lies to your face repeatedly and shits on you and your friendship, but I've long said this woman needs to come with a warning, so here is your warning:

For those in the TH fandom, be very weary of [ profile] omgcaffeine aka [ profile] faithundscience aka [ profile] melancholy_nz aka [ profile] gaypridegirl83 aka [ profile] duckynz aka [ profile] theperfectend aka [ profile] ichbinkiwi aka [ profile] ocherrycherry aka [ profile] shesamouse - Please keep in mind these are only the ones I am privy to.I have no doubt there are plenty more.

She has begun popping up on my posting her "fic" in various places (It isn't real fanfic, but rather rp logs she has edited together to flow as fic better). I'm not warning off that though, I'm warning off about HER. She is a fake and a liar. She will pull at your heart strings and tell you she has a terminal illness to make you feel sorry for her and to gain attention. She does have an illness, however she is not terminal. In fact she isn't even under the care of a specialist. That is unheard of for what she supposedly has (I say "supposedly" because she is a proven lair and as I have a friend living with the very disease she says she has, I know a little more about it and the care that is received than this woman would care for anyone know; If you are informed, her lies stick out a mile).

She is a desperately lonely person and latches onto people by making out she shares the same interests they do. I can say this because she did it to me, and when I met her in person, she was NOTHING like who she made herself out to be.

She comes off as sweet and kind, but she is a vicious, nasty piece of work when she shows her true self.

I have known this woman for the past three and a half years and time and time again she has shown herself to be a ruthless, heartless liar. Please think twice if you are considering adding her journal and/or talking to her online; She is not who she makes herself out to be.

My apologies if this has caused offence to anyone or comes off as petty, but as I consider each of you to be friends, I can't let it slide when I know what the nature of this person truly is. I do not say this lightly, but she is the ugliest soul I have ever encountered. Please be very careful around her.
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