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2012-10-26 01:50 pm
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Apologies friends. I'm posting this here because she has taken my right to respond away by banning me, and we all know she'll stalk me and see it; All I want is to have my say.

Message 1 - I gave the POLICE your address and phone number, so expect a visit.

Also, I don't care who you tell all this bullshit to victoria, half of those journals you added were made BEFORE we even met, so who's the liar now. I have reported you to both vodafone and livejournal itself, as I just want you to fuck off.

Message 2 - And just so you know, you're using my FIRST name as tags and I reported that and have also reported YOU to the police and tomorrow I see my lawyer to put down a fuck retraining order the fact that the matter is NOW with the police, thanks to my mothers suggestion, this will look terrible on your travel record.
> Good luck you spineless, hopeless bitch.

My reply that cannot go through as she has banned me from that account (thank god for that!):

You can do whatever you like, Tashe. I will show the police the messages you've sent my friends (and of course they showed me! I lol that you tried to get to me through them though), all the comments made in my journal, which I've have the notifications of, to me, in which you called me all kinds of names and threatened that "this wasn't over" and that "you'd remember this", while abusing me AND my friends. I'll be very happy to show them all of that. And that YOU are the one who started all this by randomly messaging my friend, and by how you psyched out yesterday in my journal. I have complete faith they will see how utterly unstable you really are.

None of those journals were from before I met you. Not one. You gave me every one of those.

And yes, I am using your first name as a tag in posts that relate to you. As I have since the beginning of our ill-fated friendship. However I am not, nor have I ever used your full name, as you did to me, which is what I reported you for. I even told the abuse team that I didn't care what you'd written about me but that I just wanted my full name taken down. That's it.

I have no more time for you or your attention seeking shenanigans and I want NO more communication with you ever again. When I've sent this I'm banning this username also, and yes, I will be on the lookout for any future accounts you make, because as history shows, you will undoubtedly make more, so I can ban those too to limit any contact you try to make (I am remembering back to when you started a new twitter account and slyly added me without telling me it was you).

Kindly leave me and my friends alone. And get some professional help. It's sad.
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2012-10-24 07:48 pm
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Go to Hell!

For a certain crazy, law breaking bitch:

And I heard you noticed every day while I've been here beside myself
How your bedroom smells just like me and how you found somebody else
But there's a letter that I wrote you just on the back of your top shelf
In case you think the things I've told you, you will hear from someone else

It talks about the things I feel when it's just us inside the dark
About the things I like to think while you lay so close to my heart
And I can't seem to find the words I mean so I try to hold my tongue
While I lay wide awake and restless you should read it says,

Go to hell if you're reading this and I'm not here
Take your someone else and let me make this crystal clear that,
That I don't need your help and I'm okay by myself
You can go to hell

And they say you tell him every day how you can feel the way I feel
How we're connected by the heart and you're convinced it's something real
Well, if that's true I hope you're smiling like I am from ear to ear
And just in case you think I'm lying I've left a page to make it clear

That now I open up and scream to the whole world that I finally left
So if you hear me out of breath I'm singing

Go to hell if you're reading this and I'm not here
Take your someone else and let me make this crystal clear that,
That I don't need your help and I'm okay by myself
You can go to hell

And I feel it's time that I have said
There are some things that I regret
Like never checking out the odds against this bet
'Cause I would bet my favourite things I ever owned
That you would leave and I'd be missing you like hell
But I won't!

Go to hell if you're reading this and I'm not here
Take take your somebody else and let me make this crystal clear that,
That I don't need your help and I'm okay by myself
You can go to hell
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2012-10-24 06:10 pm
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(no subject)

Apparently [ profile] dasmausketeer - aka [ profile] omgcaffeine aka [ profile] faithundscience aka [ profile] melancholy_nz aka [ profile] gaypridegirl83 aka [ profile] duckynz aka [ profile] theperfectend aka [ profile] ichbinkiwi aka [ profile] ocherrycherry aka [ profile] shesamouse is going around messaging my friends and feeding them some made up guff about me.

Basically, I'm over it. She walked away from me without so much as a word two months ago, though she is telling people she told me she was ending the friendship - UNTRUE, but as far as I'm concerned, I am SO much better off without her. I should never have let her talk me around again after last time. I take full responsibility for that though. This time, I'm totally and completely done. She's a liar and a fake, she's cruel and as I've just seen today in a message to one of my dearest friends where she tried her level best to turn her against me, delusional too.

If she messages you, take it all with a grain of salt. She's out to punish me for.. well, idk what as we've had no contact (her choice), for two months now.

I'm over her, and her bullshit.
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2012-01-11 10:20 am

Snowflake Challenge Day 9

Day 9

Create a fanwork. A drabble, a ficlet, or an icon, art or meta or a rec list. A picspam. Something.

My initial thought was to write a fic with my favourite pairing (Bill/Bushido) But as I started I got the stunted, gripping at straws, muse is not flowing feeling and gave up about two paragraphs in.

I thought about just posting my MCR kiwis again, but I felt like I'd already used them for this challenge (mind you, I'm so not above using them again if I need to. LOL).

So instead, I'mma Billshido you with some of the amazing fan-art I've collected:

NSFW!!! At all. Boy on boy, all naked and naughty. You has been warned, yo! )

I have credited where possible, no credit is needed if there is a watermark present. If you know of the artists for the ones that is not credited, please let me know what belongs to whom and I'll happily edit to include artists name.
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2011-12-20 08:20 pm
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I know how this is going to sound, and I'm not going to pretend I'm not bitter, because I am, but you get that when someone you thought was your friend lies to your face repeatedly and shits on you and your friendship, but I've long said this woman needs to come with a warning, so here is your warning:

For those in the TH fandom, be very weary of [ profile] omgcaffeine aka [ profile] faithundscience aka [ profile] melancholy_nz aka [ profile] gaypridegirl83 aka [ profile] duckynz aka [ profile] theperfectend aka [ profile] ichbinkiwi aka [ profile] ocherrycherry aka [ profile] shesamouse - Please keep in mind these are only the ones I am privy to.I have no doubt there are plenty more.

She has begun popping up on my posting her "fic" in various places (It isn't real fanfic, but rather rp logs she has edited together to flow as fic better). I'm not warning off that though, I'm warning off about HER. She is a fake and a liar. She will pull at your heart strings and tell you she has a terminal illness to make you feel sorry for her and to gain attention. She does have an illness, however she is not terminal. In fact she isn't even under the care of a specialist. That is unheard of for what she supposedly has (I say "supposedly" because she is a proven lair and as I have a friend living with the very disease she says she has, I know a little more about it and the care that is received than this woman would care for anyone know; If you are informed, her lies stick out a mile).

She is a desperately lonely person and latches onto people by making out she shares the same interests they do. I can say this because she did it to me, and when I met her in person, she was NOTHING like who she made herself out to be.

She comes off as sweet and kind, but she is a vicious, nasty piece of work when she shows her true self.

I have known this woman for the past three and a half years and time and time again she has shown herself to be a ruthless, heartless liar. Please think twice if you are considering adding her journal and/or talking to her online; She is not who she makes herself out to be.

My apologies if this has caused offence to anyone or comes off as petty, but as I consider each of you to be friends, I can't let it slide when I know what the nature of this person truly is. I do not say this lightly, but she is the ugliest soul I have ever encountered. Please be very careful around her.
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2005-10-04 03:34 am
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Friends Only

This journal is friends only.

There is very little chance I will add you as I very rarely add people I do not know. But if you do add me but don't come and at least say hi, I will not add you back.

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2005-04-29 11:58 pm

(no subject)

I've been around most of the obvious communities with this and I thought I may aswell p make a post here, since it is my commmuntiy after all.

So if you like looking at the beautiful men of Jovi (now come on, who doesn't?) Come and join [ profile] jovi_pics.
Posts can have anything to do with the guys but every post must contain a picture too. I tell ya, this community is never boring!

Image hosted by

If you know of anyone who likes a little Jovi in their lives, pass the message on, my motto? The more the merrier!

I Hope to see you there. =)
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2005-01-12 03:42 pm

(no subject)

I'm so friggin' bored!

It would seem everyone is out enjoying their lives, as they should be, as I should be too.

I'm in a bitch of a mood. (whatever, I can't face finding the actual name so that will have to do. Sony has something to do with the name.) is taking the piss. It lets me log in but says I need to reply to the confirmation email that is supposedly in my inbox. Of course there isn't one so I click the box that says "send another email" and nothing happens. It's enough to make me scream, and before you think that just a figure of speech...think again! I'm ready to walk away from the damn computer and never return!

To stop my stress levels raising any further, I'm going to go on about Crumb again.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I just want everyone to give these guys a chance. They aren't that popular here either, which is just wrong! They've been at it since high school and where most bands would have given up, they've kept the faith and are still going strong, doing what they love, I can't help but admire that.

I've stolen this from the Official Crumb website. It's from the Dominion Post, one of the countries biggest news papers.

"It's not easy being a humble rock'n'roll band in this day and age when so often the public demand a point of difference. But Wellington lads CRUMB have stuck to their guns and on their debut show how they have won a solid audience with their hard rocking ways. Sounding like an antipodean Foo Fighters it's all big riffs, blood, sweat and beers with the opening Julie Got Married providing a bit of mid-period Motorhead deja vu as Aaron Passmore's guitar hits hard as the rhythm section of drummer John Davidson and bassist Vinnie Menon drive you along that gravel road with wreckless glee. Nice to See You sees vocalist Carter Nixon boast of a life of one-night stands on the road "I got your number, but not your name and you are never gonna see me again" before the slowburning confessional Pick Up The Pieces. As Mick once sang, it's only rock'n'roll but I like it."
- Dominion Post

This is from Rip It Up magazine:

"With a reputation as an awesome live rock act the natural progression for CRUMB was to record a great album and this is a fantastic rock release...includes songs like Pick Up The Pieces and Got It All which have genuine cross-over also contains rockier tracks like Hot Lips and Gasoline...With a real rock'n'roll ethos, the album is named after the state they left their hotel room in during the time they recorded it. So Dirty, Everyday is an album with tracks that will appeal to just about everyone."
- Rip It Up

(" album with tracks that will appeal to just about everyone."

See? I'm not lying when I say you'll probably love them if you heard them!)

And for aesthetic purposes...

Photo by Kent Blechynden.

This is a direct order...


(NB: Please don't describe how to use a LJ cut, I already know how. I didn't use one for a reason.)

Love me, love my CRUMB!

Join [ profile] crumb_nz!

[EDIT] - Links are pretty much dead thanks to asshole hackers. CRUMB's MySpace New tracks coming soon.